Friday, August 2, 2013

菓子処 真盛堂 Kashi-dokoro Shinseidou

After the happy sweets time we got some sweets for a tea time at our place.
Next to Amami Chakura Shinseidou, there is also 菓子処 真盛堂(Kashi-dokoro Shinseidou).
It is a long-established confectionery since 1932.

So beautiful~!
The sweets are very reasonable, however, the taste is very rich!

It is wrapped closely.

The beautiful wrapping.

Café au lait Daifuku, also♪
It is frozen.
Then, you can keep it in a refrigerator for a month.
Try it!

菓子処 真盛堂 Kashi-dokoro Shinseidou
Tel : 0296-33-3645
Add : 1362 Yuki, Yuki, Ibaraki
Hours : 8:00 - 19:00
Closed on Thursday

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