Thursday, June 30, 2011

On the shuttle service

The shuttle service to the hotel.

The inside is so wide and comfortable.

Just arrived!

After entering Macau

After entering Macau, the place is like that.

There is Meeting Point.


Macau was Portuguese colony before.
The sign is written in Chinese, Portuguese, and English.

It is an openhearted passage.

Kind captain

I had explored inside of the ship before landing on Macau.

When I peeped into the wheelhouse, the captain beckoned me.
We took the picture of commemoration together at the front of the control stick.
Thank you so much, gentleman!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just arrived !

The island has come into view gradually.

A lot of ships in the same company as the ship that we have taken are there.

Finally, it is time to land.

Enjoy your time

Why is it fun to eat something in vehicle or ship?

These are from "許留山(Hui Lau Shan)", which is one of my favorite sweets shop in Hong Kong.

The bakeries are also yummy in Hong Kong.

Actually, there are a lot of kinds.


The inside of the ship is wide.

There are special magazines of Macau in the front pocket.
Feeling over the travel will run high.

The ship leaves Hong Kong little by little.


Walk in a long passage.

Check the ticket.

Need the passport control.
Though both Hong Kong and Macau are belonged in China nowadays.

Finally, the ship is here!

To Macau!
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