Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally, the Railway Museum

Let's start the tour!
You can see steam locomotives at first.
This is the first steam locomotive in Japan imported from Britain.

The special passenger car of the United States style was used for development in Hokkaido.

A vehicle for full-scale exhibition was made as a copy of the third class passenger car in the Meiji era periods.
The women wearing a kimono made us feel the old period.

These exhibitions are very very excellent.

A sleeping car.

We can feel the atmosphere of the age.

The wealthy sisters would travel to Paris.
They would take the special train to the Shimonoseki for a ship.

This is the official state train used by the Emperor and the Royal family of Japan.

It is the Shinkansen of which Japan boasts.

The excellent technology of Japan enabled the coexistence of high speed and safety.

By the way, do you think the Shinkansen is very very handsome, don't you?

Well, you are right.
Actually, he is very very handsome!

Every angle is so cool!

Of course, the zoom is also OK.

The Shinkansen is active in foreign countries now.

There are a lot of nostalgic trains.

There are a lot of abundant material exhibitions related to the railway in the second floor, too.

If you are lucky, you would see the "real" running Shinkansen.

This is not a station.
It is in the museum.

There is also the driving simulator section in the museum.

Not only the children but also the adults are able to enjoy the museum enough.
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