Saturday, March 31, 2012

A favorite camera shop

The camera shop was unique and stylish.

There were many beautiful cameras.
It's my friend's favorite camera shop.

Actually, it was almost a kind of art.

The photos beside camera were also good.

The camera bag was nice.

A pop color.

The notebooks had same taste.

There were also various goods.

Souvenirs from 東興 Tong Heng

You know, I like Chilli Prawn Rolls.
Then, they recommended me the Chilli Prawn Rolls from 東興 Tong Heng.
They said it's also yummy though 東興 Tong Heng isn't as famous as 林志源(LIM CHEE GUAN).

Then, I got it.

So happy♪
The egg tart is also famous.
Next time, surely, I will.

東興 Tong Heng
Tel : 6223 3649
Add : 285 South Bridge Rd. Singapore
Hours : 9:00-22:00

Beautiful egg rolls

They brought us to their favorite Chinese sweets shop in Chinatown.

Hey, look the beautiful egg rolls!
It has such a lovely embossment.

Friday, March 30, 2012

If you are unfamiliar, please refrain from watching. @ Chinatown

After the Hawkers, we went to Chinatown.
There were many decorations for the Chinese New Year here and there.

The landmark is always the red lanterns.

Let's go!

Street Of The Dead?

Same stuffs with different letters.

Lovely Chinese knots.

It is generally said that a goldfish is a lucky fish in the Chinese culture.

There were many beautiful sandals.
I remembered Vietnam.


Happy Chinese decorations.

The lamp shop had many kinds of lovely lamps.

If I could, I wanted to buy some...

There was also such a Chinese version.

The sweets shop had also lovely lamps as the decoration.

A lovely atmosphere.

I love the old baskets.

However, actually, it is a Chinese sweets shop.
This is the most popular sweets in the shop.
Diviners on the street.

Lovely flowers for a new season.

The Chinese sausages.

What is this?

The expansion NO.1.

The expansion NO.2.

Pig's trotters were also.
Actually, there were a "real" life of people.

The envelope is for New Year's gift.

It looks potatoes.

However, it's a kind of plants.

A demonstration.

A gorgeous peacock.

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