Saturday, November 12, 2011

Classical music concert @ La Sainte-Chapelle

It is amazing to have a A classical music concert in such a memorial place.

Actually, the place is really beautiful.

There were a lot of people to share a wonderful time.

Vivaldi resounds through the inside of the chapel.

The place is wrapped in a solemn atmosphere.

It was such a graceful time.

The audience surrounded the player after the performance.

I also got one♪

Will we really arrive in time for the start?

Finally, I arrived at the front of La Sainte-Chapelle.
It was just ten minutes before the concert.

However, there was still a long long line for the entrance.
At first, I thought that they were lining to buy a ticket for the concert.
However, they had already their own tickets.

Then, I asked a staff whether we are OK for the start time.
He said the concert would never start cause the line still continued, then
we are OK.
Nobody except me and a German tourist didn't worry about it.

The line had advanced very slowly.
Actually, it was too slow.

Finally, we had arrived there!
I was almost cried.

Make a sprint in Paris. I was hurrying very much then.

I was hurrying very much then.

There were a lot of interesting people to stop.
However, unfortunately......

Paris is already autumn fashion.

Paris is already autumn fashion.
However, I had no time for shopping.
I hastened to the other place after walking around with my friend who went to pick up her little daughter.

However, there are too many fascinating places for shopping in Paris.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hotel Lutetia Paris

It is said that the Nazis's instruction part was placed during the German occupation in this hotel.
After war ends, the hotel was used as the place for reunion of a return soldiers and a families.
There are some families who achieved reunion with joy, and there are some persons who continued waiting for those who do not come back forever.
This is such a hotel.
I thought of people of the sad age, listening to a friend's story.

A happy medal @ Chapelle de la Medaille Miraculeuse

You can buy the happy medal in Chapelle de la Medaille Miraculeuse.

The surface of the medal is the figure to which Virgin Mary has extended and invited both hands.

The back side of the medal is the character of M which carried the cross, the two hearts (Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary), and the star (apostles) of 12 are imitated.
It is said that people with this medal have a big blessing.
You can choose your own language, though, unfortunately, there was no Japanese version.
Surprisingly, there are some sets of ten medals.
Are they a special souvenir for your family and friends?

Chapelle de la Medaille Miraculeuse

We went to Chapelle de la Medaille Miraculeuse after Église Saint-Sulpice.
The church is on rue du Bac near Le Bon Marché.

It is the chapel where Catholics believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré in 1830 and requested the creation of the medal which came to be known as the Miraculous Medal.

Saint Catherine Labouré's body was judged to be incorrupt by the church, and it now lies in a glass coffin at the side altar of the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.
Then, many pilgrims still visit this church.

When I reached there, it was the time of the Mass in the evening exactly.
A lot of people was singing hymns.
I remembered a gospel church in N.Y. where I visited before.
Then, unfortunately, I couldn't see her body.
However, I could share the spiritual time with them.

Chapelle de la Medaille Miraculeuse
Add:rue du Bac 140, Paris 75007 France

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do you remember the church?

I went to the Jardin du Luxembourg to see my lovely friend in the afternoon.

The park which is really beautiful is one of my favorite park in Paris.
I come there to relax whenever I visit Paris.
People are relaxing each in his own way there.

My friend who is a Parisienne brought me to Église Saint-Sulpice.

Do you remember the church?
It is the church which became famous for a movie "The Da Vinci Code".

Silence was maintained inside the church.

We both enjoyed the silent atmosphere.

There was a happy family outside of the church.

Église Saint-Sulpice
Add:Place Saint-Sulpice - 75006 Paris
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