Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wholesale district @ Yuyuan

There is wholesale district around Yuyuan.

Chinese decorations are sold around here.

Large stuffed animals also are sold there.

These are compacts.

There are also building type markets.
There are a lot of tenants.

A lot of handicraft materials.

Fashion items.

Decoration goods for interior.

You will feel that time is insufficient even if you stay there during the full day.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Make a seal!

Do you know 印章?
It is a kind of a seal in the East Asia.
We went to 石玉齋(Art Stone)to make it for the father-in-law.

You choose the stone and hand the name that you wants to carve.
The staff can carve it at once there.

Is it interesting?
Will you want to try it?

石玉齋 Art Stone
Tel : 021 6326 4213 or 136-4197-9763
Add : 豫園商城豫园老路64-1号

Yuyuan Tourist Mart 豫園商城

Yuyuan Tourist Mart 豫園商城 is a popular shopping spot for tourists around Yuyuan.
There are a lot of souvenir shops and the restaurants.

There are always a lot of tourists from all of China and world.

You will be able to obtain the souvenir that seems to be China.

If you felt hungry, you can eat a yummy snack.

You might think that you saw them somewhere.

Everyone likes shopping.
Of course, me too.

Beautiful decorations.
This place is a nice spot for taking a photo.

Tel : It depends on the shop.
Add : 上海市黄浦区旧校场路 (靠近 福佑路)
Hours : It depends on the shop.
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