Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From the train window in the world @ Malayan Railway

The train started from Kuala Lumpur Sentral railway station for Butterworth Railway Station.
Much construction work still continues near the station.

Scenery which passes the train window.

In fact, the station employee who was arranging entrance at the station was a conductor of the train.
He checked our tickets.

The blue shirt is very prominent.

The lady who was in the same vehicles.
Impressive use of colors.
She was making the bracelet of thick jade the wrist.

These are the Malaysian sweets that I got in the station.
The sweets resemble Japanese sweets "Wagashi", a traditional Japanese confectionery, somehow.

The lumber processing place was seen.

There is a dining car in a train.

It seems rain.

I realize that it is in Malaysia.

Twilight is imminent.

Many people get off a train at a big station.

It invites a traveler's sentiment.

There were freight trains.

Why was it bent in the middle?

The rails continue all the way.

It's a bento time!
We had Nasi lemak.
It looks spicy?
Well, actually, it's very spicy.
However, the spicy taste matches the "hot" climate in Malaysia.

What is this?

There were some animals.
Because of passing in a moment, I couldn't recognize what kinds of animals.

The train crossed the bridge.

It became dark and the light was turned on in the train.

Since air conditioning is quite strong and it is very cold in a train, you need a blanket.

Finally, the train arrived at the destination.

People got off the train with the big luggages.

Butterworth Railway Station.
It was such a long long trip.

Take Malayan Railway !

He is a station employee.
He is waiting for the passenger who arrives at a station by the inner side of a rope.

A train seems to be a full exchange system just like a movie theater.
We had to wait for a long time patiently.

They seemed busy, sometimes......
Finally, the train arrived at the station.
It was almost behind time for 30 minutes or more.
However, it was better than usual cause the train came from Singapore.

The platform was located on the underground to which we went down a long long escalator.

We had to rush into the train cause it needed to depart as soon as possible.
Then, we had no time to take the memorial photo for our first trial to Malayan Railway.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I also bought Malaysian sweets

After getting Nasi lemak, I explored the station.
Then, I found a lovely Malaysian sweets shop on the first floor.

Looks so yummy!!!

I bought Nasi lemak as bento

There is also a food court in Kuala Lumpur Sentral railway station.


Oh, Nasi lemak!
The bento in Malaysia is, of course, "Nasi lemak"!

The staff cuts a chicken for your size.

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