Thursday, September 30, 2010

Midnight snack @ Zhejiang Hotel

We had midnight snacks at Lilac Café @ Zhejiang Hotel.
He ordered the club sandwich.
So yummy ♪

I ordered the Chinese noodle thought it wasn't on the menu.
Because other guys ate it, then, I'd like to do too.
It seems to be included on not Lilac Café menu but room service.
However, the lady accepted my order.
It was soooooooooooooooooo delicious!

The roon @ Zhejiang Hotel

Zhejiang Hotel is a wonderful five-star hotel near West Lake, and the environment is also excellent.

The lovely hotel healed my tiredness of the long journey.

I'll have a leisurely rest in the comfortable room at night.

Finally, we arrived.

Finally, we arrived at the hotel.
It was a terrible traffic jam.
We had to stand almost two and half hours in a taxi.
Can you imagine it?
You know, the bus from Shanghai to Hangzhou takes around two hours.
Even though the flight from Japan to Shanghai takes around three hours.
How far is it from the Bus Center to the downtown?

Taxi @ Hangzhou

We were on a taxi again.

There is driver's identification card at the front of a taxi in China.

It has darkened gradually.

There was an enormous traffic jam to the downtown.
The driver uttered a sigh too.

Go to Hangzhou by a coach!

We were heading to Hangzhou on the second day by a coach.
Actually, we were planning to use CRH2 at first.
However, it was a bad timing for foreign travellers because there were holidays for the Mid-Autumn Festival from Sept. 22nd to Sept. 24th.
Then unfortunately,we couldn't get the CRH2 tickets.
That's why we used a Long-distance coach this time.

Everyone is waiting for the bus.
I realized again that there are really a lot of people in China to see them.

The gate was opened.
I was relieved that all seats were reserved seats.

You need to keep your drink for traveling by coach.

There are TV at the front of the coach.
It broadcasts a kind of variety shows.

We arrived at Hangzhou Bus Center after two hours.

You need to wait on the line for a taxi to go to the downtown.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taxi @ Shanghai

We rode a taxi to go to Shanghai South Railway Station.

There are a lot of notices in a taxi.
If you have any problem communicating with taxi drivers, you can call the Shanghai Call Center for assistance.
Because of Shanghai EXPO?

Are Shanghai taxi drivers speed freaks?


I found out TESCO乐购.

I found the cake.
It reminds me of the happy picnic in Bay Area.

Pringles @ China version.

Haibao snack.

Still, mosquito season?

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