Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm out for a moment

Golden Week has come!
I'm out for a moment.
See you again after May 7!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Surprise Dance on Finnair Flight to celebrate India's Republic Day

It's a kind of "Flashmob".
Really impressive!

Flashmob - Finnair Crew Lounge

Another version is here!

Dubai Airports Flash Mob


Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ladurée is a luxury cakes and pastries brand based in Paris, France.

This beautiful box is LADUREE 150th ANNIVERSARY BOX released in Japan.
It is very interesting cause the box was released in not France but Japan.
Of course, it's a limited edition.

From 1862.

To 2012.

The beautiful box of 1862 motifs.

Open the box!

The memorial book includes the new information of 150th anniversary macaron & patisserie.

The book looks like a beautiful picture book.

The lovely macaron world!

The box and the book are almost similar designs, but different colors.

Still, something is in the box.

The familiar characters, Leon(French bull), Sherry Bell(black cat) and Lili(rabbit) are printed on the surface.
It's so cute!

A tote bag with an original print.


We have another LADUREE appendix

Derivation series of a fashion magazine "ELLE", "Elle a table" is a very beautiful cooking magazine.
Elle celebrates the 10th anniversary.

The magazine has special two appendixes.

This is a cooking recipes book for "cafe at home".

The lovely macaron♪

This pot holder is collaborated with LADUREE.

ELLE a table has a lot of good recipes for girls party.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring issue of magazines

You know, Japanese magazines have Wonderful appendixes.
I had gotten some when I wrote travel sketch.
This is Liniere × NÎMES.
I got same series before.

The "gamaguchi" shape is so cute ♪

The inside is lovely yellow.

Now, the confectionary Demel of Vienna is very popular in Japan.

The illustration of the cat, one of the most popular chocolate's package, is used for this lovely pouch.
The chocolate's name is "Katzenzungen".
Katzenzungen means Cat-tongues in German.
The tastes are bitter, kaffee, milk.
My favorite is milk.

The zipper is Cat-tongue♪

The inside pattern is also same as the inside of the chocolate box.

OLD ENGLAND is one of my favorite brand from Paris.
I love the pretty color tone and the high-quality.

Then, I was very happy to find it.

PINK HOUSE 30th anniversary BOOK Bear (e-MOOK)

PINK HOUSE is the Japanese girlish brand which is 30th anniversary in 2012.

The PINK HOUSE world is very very girlish.

Sometimes, PINK HOUSE makes the special Licca-chan collaborated with Takara.

PINK HOUSE is full of a lot of girl's dreams.

The bag is the special appendix of PINK HOUSE 30th anniversary BOOK Bear (e-MOOK).

There is also Rose version.

Definitely, Bear!

The back cover also has many Bear designs.

The appendix.

You can glance at the bag from the Bear window.

The cast-off skin.

Too cute!

The inside is romantic pink.

This bag is soft to the touch.

Oh, two?

Confessing with simplicity, actually, I got two.

The position of a print differs in each.
However, I know it's just an excuse......
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