Tuesday, July 31, 2012


南锣鼓巷(Nanluoguxiang) is one of the oldest hutongs in Beijing.

Unfortunately, it was under construction work around the beautiful gate.
However, you can go through.

A comfortable street under the tall trees is expanded at the front of you.

Many cafe, shops and restaurants, which converted the old residence, appear one after another on the street of about 800 m of north and south.

A beautiful stole specialty store.

Surprisingly, there were even Japanese Takoyaki shop and cream puff shop.

Found Doraemon!

You can make a seal.

Buying and biting a snack is always fun.

There were also daily lives.

The way to 南锣鼓巷(Nanluoguxiang)

The day was also a fine day.
It was also very HOT!
We were walking the way to 南锣鼓巷(Nanluoguxiang.

By the way, it seems that there are so many public restrooms in Beijing.

These fine stone statues aren't special but ordinary.

Is it a historical spot?

A dustcart.
Just walking the street, you can find many interesting things.

Morning snack

Since it was seen from the window of the room of the hotel, we went to try there.

They were making many.
Many customer were coming one after another.
Desirably, they had never touched the money with their hands.
Just a customer pays a bill and picks up the change.

Of course, we also got it.

Just made one is very hot.

Yummy, of course!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Good night !

The day was a long day.
Have a good night!

Buy and eat at night @ 前門鮮魚口老字号美食街

鮮魚口老字号美食街 is a kind of gourmet street.
There are many branches of the long-established restaurants.

Many people come every day.
Though my friend said it's a tourist spot, it's OK cause I'm just a tourist!


Night has come.

Yoghurt on the street.

The cow illustration is so lovely!

A simple interior.

You can pick one by pointing.

Yummy sweets.

We enjoyed zigzag on the street.

A skewer.



We were always thirsty.


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