Saturday, June 22, 2013

misdox Calpis campaign

New product from Mister Donut.
misdo x Calpis campaign, now.
You can enjoy the special donuts of Calpis taste.

A lovely star shape♪
There are five kinds of Calpis tastes of all.

There are special sets with Calpis Purupuru drink.
You can choose Purupuru Calpis Strawberry or Purupuru Calpis Mango.

And lovely Calpis Glass + muddler♪

The boxes seem very Calpis!
Well, i got two, cause I couldn't choose one!


Generally, Calpis is diluted with water, hot water, or milk to about 2.5 to 5 times, when you drink.
The glasses have useful scales.

Even the bottoms are so cute with a lovely character.


misdo x Calpis campaign

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