Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Airline Industry Services Airport of ANA 3

We wore such a helmet and went to a hangar, finally.

We are divided into from 10 to 15 persons' specified small group, and go to a hangar.
Let's go!

There are written one's words of good wishes and names on the wall by recruits.

Through a cafeteria.


A big tail~!

A huge scaffold!

Many staffs were working.

The back.

So exciting!

It's very very long......

Very big!

So fun!

We had never been tired.

You can see the fuselage which approaches a runway from a hangar.

Have you ever seen the tail from such an angle?

The tail of Boeing 777-300 is square.

A hard worker.
It is very hot in summer and very cold in winter in the inside of a hangar.
The calm of the sky depends on their effort.

Thank you so much!

An airplane again!

The view is so vigorous!

Under a wing.

The main legs!

An engine cover is opened and it is under maintenance.

Cute, somehow.

Actually, an airplane is always so cute.

The place which keeps a tool box.
A box for exclusive use is assigned to each one.
It's searched until it will be found, if it should lose.

Safety first always!

Airline Industry Services Airport of ANA
Tel : 03-5756-5094 
Add : 3-5-4, Haneda Airport, Ota-ku

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