Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Airline Industry Services Airport of ANA 1

One day, we went to Airline Industry Services Airport of ANA near Tokyo Haneda Airport.
The nearest station is "Shin-Seibijō Station" of Tokyo Monorail.

Since the commuter was using the station most, the home of daytime became almost empty.

Through a long long underpass.

Coming up the ground, there was an airplane.
It's Tokyo Haneda Airport!

The area is very wide.

Keep walking!

The manhole of a sidewalk.
It's written as the "航空局(=Civil Aviation Bureau)".
Though the mark of "Symbol of Tokyo Metropolis (leaf of a ginkgo tree)" and "東京都(=Tokyo)" is carved on an ordinary manhole, is it special here?

The buildings of ANA began to increase in number.

"ANA Component Maintenance Building".
This is a building of a meeting place.

@ the lobby.

There are many showpieces.

The R-1830 Twin Wasp!

There is also a imitation model of a cockpit of the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar.

It's very complicated!

The maker of a tire is Bridgestone.

There is a small gift shop.

Even a turbine engine!

it is written by a famous Japanese calligrapher.

GUNDAM of the ANA design.

So interesting!

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