Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unlucky start

We tried the limousine service from the airport to the downtown.
It's a kind of Mini Bus Taxi.

This is the vouchers.

Our numbers are printed on it.

Though we went out successfully from the outside, the bus hadn't opened the door till all the numbers were there.
It was very hot in Phuket, too......

The bus stopped at the office for a while on the way to the downtown......
Though they said the bus stopped for confirming our destination......
Actually, it was obviously for selling something to us.
It wasn't short.

Finally, we restarted again.
However, it started raining......

Suddenly, we were all shocked of a rude strong shock!
One pickup truck hit the back side of our car!!!
Fortunately, it was just coming out from a narrow byroad.
It means it wasn't so fast.

After that, we were just waiting for the series of unhappy happening.
After 30 minutes or more, a motorcycle policeman came to the scene.
More 1 hour or so, finally, the alternative limousine was coming!
We changed from the accident car to a new one with heavy luggages.
Then, the car started again.
However...... one of Korean lady noticed her passport was left in the former car......

And we arrived at the hotel, finally......
It might be just unlucky, however, I wouldn't never use a limousine service next time......

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