Friday, February 22, 2013

Yakitori and Kamameshi @ New Torigin

We had Yakitori and Kamameshi @ New Torigin as a dinner.
At first, Motsunikomi(=Stewed giblets).

These are Yakitori. nice!

Next is Kamameshi.
It had already been mixed...
The photo is Takenoko-Kamameshi(=With sliced bamboo shoot toppings).

Kaki and Tori-Kamameshi(=With minced chicken and oyster toppings).
It is a seasonal limitation from Mar.

Tori-Kamameshi(=With minced chicken).

Such a yummy night @ Ginza.

New Torigin
Tel : 03-3571-3334
Add : 5-5-11, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Hours : Tue. - Fri. 16:30-22:00(L.O.21:45), Sat. & Sun. & Holiday 11:30-21:30(L.O.21:15)
*Closed on Monday.

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