Saturday, February 2, 2013

頌通酒家 ศรทอง โภชนา Sornthong Restaurant

We took an early dinner at Sornthong Restaurant (頌通酒家 ศรทอง โภชนา).
The restaurant is very popular seafood restaurant.

Cheers with Singha!

Oswan is the fried oysters and eggs of the Thai style.

Tod mun kung are deep fried prawn cakes ...

Mantis Shrimp flied with garlic.
So delicious!

Having vegetables is important for your health during the travel.

The casual inside.
It is said that the restaurant is always very crowded in the dinner time.
If you arrived there in early time, you will get the seats easily.

頌通酒家 ศรทอง โภชนา Sornthong Restaurant
Tel : 0-2258-0118
Add : 2829-31 Rama 4 Rd.Bangkok,Thailand
Hours : 16:00 - 26:00

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