Saturday, February 9, 2013

Go to Asahikawa !

It's fine day, much snow next morning.

We headed to Asahikawa.

Much snow......

Enter the tunnel.

Snow again......

Opened the lovely box.

Éclair from LeTAO, one of my favorite sweets shop in Hokkaido.

Mix of "Seafood gourmet rice ball", again.


A snow blower.

"Potato chips, the luxury chocolat" is produced by Calbee Foods Co. which has special collaboration with Royce' Confect Co., Ltd.
At that time, it was the Hokkaido limitation which is featured the special rich chocolate of Royce'.
Though it's limited time offer, you can buy it outside of Hokkaido now.

Hey, look the beautiful stripes!

A long long snow road~♪

Under construction.

Okhotsk Milk from Nordic Farm in Hokkaido.

"じゃがポックル(jaga_pokkuru)" is also the Hokkaido limitation from Calbee Foods Co. which you must buy in Hokkaido.

The thick snow......

The long long drive......

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