Sunday, February 10, 2013

@ Asahikawa Airport.

Night had come gradually.

Go through in the twilight.

The impressive red torii in the white snow.

Return a rental car.

Arrived at Asahikawa Airport.

There are many shops.

Wow, many "じゃがポックル(jaga_pokkuru)" there!

It is always sold out in New Chitose Airport, Asahikawa Airport is a kind of lucky spot for Jaga_pokkuru lovers.

Though it is the northernmost point of Japan, I also got Shiikwaasaa, well known product of Okinawan.

The popular "北の海鮮鮨(North seafood sushi)" is the long seller Soraben.

It includes the popular best 3 of the delicacies from the sea of Hokkaido, sea urchin, crab and salmon roe.

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