Friday, December 7, 2012

Walking around Hondae !

Our happy night has been still continued.
After the Galbi restaurant, we were going around Hondae area.
At 7-Eleven, she explains about Korean seasonings for my preparation.

Actually, her explanation was very useful for me.

These stuffs seems yummy on the shelf.

Cute, somehow♪

Though it was a very cold night, there were many people and many shops on the street.

A dog was also.

Street foods are always fun!


She brought us to the popular Tteokbokki restaurant.

It was simmered at the front of the restaurant.
It seemed very HOT!

A cute logo.

Actually, it was super HOT and very very spicy!
I couldn't eat it without tissue papers.
However, yummy♪

The crispy Jeon

The soup was a good rest from the hot Tteokbokki.

There were many street musicians.

We promised the next reunion and separated at the station.
It was such a great day because of her.
Thank you so much!

Returning to Gongdeok, LOTTE MART had already closed......

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