Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reunion with a beautiful friend and shopping in Dongdaemun Market

After the yummy Samgyeopsal, we went back to the station to see my friend.
She is a beautiful and tall girl who bears a strong likeness to Jun Ji-hyun.
It is reunion for the first time in four years with her again.
We were very happy to meet again!
After the happy reunion, we went to Dongdaemun Shopping Complex together to make a custom-made curtain.
You know, I like such an experience to make something by custom-made.
I made a custom-made silk futon in the local market in Shanghai before, though I can't speak Chinese..
Of course, I also can't speak Korean.
However, fortunately, I had a strong supporter this time.
Then, the order was very smooth.
I was so happy♪

We went to Jeil Pyunghwa Market which is her most favorite clothes market next.

There were so many clothes and fashion items!

A tea break at caffe bene.

Korean stars as the image characters.

It's getting late.

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