Monday, December 3, 2012

A popular restaurant needs to be reserved.

After the flower market, I walked around in Seorae Ma-eul.
It's a kind of French accommodation area in Seoul.
Since there is a French school, then, many French people live around there.

The Hangul on the chic rubbish bin.

The lovely restaurant was on the slope.
The restaurant provide the popular Western style buffet for the lunch time.
If I had a chance, I'd like to join it.
A popular restaurant needs to be reserved.
Especially, in the weekend!
An agreeable handsome staff said sympathetically that we need to wait for 20 or 30 minutes.
Well, I know it.
Unfortunately, we had no time to wait at this time.
Cause, I had an appointment with my friend after that.
OK, OK, surely, I'll come again next time.
With the reservation, of course!

We arrived at Dongdaemun Station.

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