Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Galbi Master !?

After the exciting shopping, we moved to Hondae.
Since we were so hungry, we entered a Galbi restaurant at first.
Cheers with Cass, her favorite one at first!



We can't wait~♪♪♪

A lot of banchan(=small side dishes) always~♪

Doenjang jjigae made our cold body warm.

Her knack was excellent!
Actually, her eyes were very serious.
She was putting on a serious expression when she did it.
She almost made up a kind of the world of only her and BBQ.

We just followed her. delicious!

Though it is such a very wild and deep local restaurant, it might be very famous.
We noticed the articles of The New York Times and dancyu(a Japanese gourmet magazine) on the windowpane when we went out of there......

Strongly recommend!

홍익 숯불갈비(Hongik Sootbul Kalbi)
Tel : 82-2-322-4487
Add : 서울시 마포구 서교동 331-1
Directions : Go out Exit 5 of Hongdae Station and make a right. Cross the road and make a left. It’s on the next corner.
Hours : 16:00 - 28:00

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