Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walnut sweets from TSURUYA

Happily, you can get the lovely walnut sweets from TSURUYA.

Hanaoka is the long-established Japanese walnut confectionery in Karuizawa.
Though the head store is in Tōmi Tanaka area in Nagano, the branch is in TSURUYA.
I bought some.

The packages are so lovely.
You know, nice packages are always delicious.

"Kurumikou" is Dacquoise.
Well, they have some western style in the lineup though it's Japanese confectionery.

"Kurumi no Daigomi" is moist and thick cheese flavor.
The bottom part of cookie is lightly and comfortable feeling.
You can enjoy the walnut aromatic, too.

Walnut confectionery Hanaoka
Tel : 0267-46-1836
Hours : same as TRURUYA

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