Monday, October 22, 2012

Ueno Zoo

Rallying our hearts, we take a walk inside the garden.
Cause there are many interesting animals in a large site of the Ueno Zoo.

An elephant was active.

A sun bear was also.

The orange ball harmonize with the Asian black bear.

A polar bear.

She seemed a little tired.
Though it's already autumn in Japan, is it still too hot for a polar bear?
However, actually, she came from Zoo Safari di Fasano in Italy!?

The earless seals approached the keeper when he was coming.
How they distinguish him from others?

A crane.

I forgot the name.
However, the big bill!

Take a break!

A heavy sleeper.
He seems so comfortable.

However, is it OK as the king of beasts?

Isn't a gibbon tired?

The woods of gorillas.

Why do the gorillas sometimes seem so philosophic?
Some fathers sometimes compare themselves with the gorillas.
So interesting!

The eldest Peako.
She is so fashionable!?

Mother Momoko.

Komomo is a daughter of Momoko.

Saruyama is the world of the monkeys.

The sky was very high and blue.

Beauty looking back!?

The name of the bridge is "Aesop".

You can understand the history of the Ueno Zoo.

The penguins.

A meeting?



The flamingos have long long legs like show models.

A cool Barbary Sheep.

The roommate is a zebra.

The beautiful zebura striped pattern continues till the back.

It is similar, however, different.
The interesting animal is the okapi!

The giraffe.

The rhinoceros.

The pygmy hippopotamus.
Unfortunately, the big hippopotamus was submerging in the pond.

The Pelican didn't budge by even a fraction like a ornament.

Such a comfortable day.

If you are tired, there is a mini monorail.


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