Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Souvenirs from supermarkets

This is 肉燥(soy sauce stew of minced pork) can made by 度小月(Du Hsiao Yueh) which is a shop of the originator of 擔仔麵(Dan zai noodles).
You can make the yummy Dan zai noodles at home.

White pepper powder.

Taiwan mayonnaise seems sweet taste stronger and less salty than that of Japan.

花椒粒(Sichuan pepper) is indispensable to Szechwan cuisine for the spicy taste.

You can make 珍珠奶茶(Bubble tea) with 波覇粉圓(STARCH BALLS).

岩鹽牛奶糖 by 台湾森永. It's new!
Though 森永製菓株式会社(Morinaga & Company) is Japanese company, we can't buy it in Japan.

花生醤 means peanut butter.
It says that 花生醤 of "新竹福源" is also Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou favorite.
It's free from food additive.

Without granules.

With granules.

The most notable Brandt Welsh onion is Sanxing of Yilan County(宜蘭縣三星鄉)'s "Sanxing onion" in Taiwan.
宜蘭三星青蔥油 is the onion oil which was made from the Welsh onion grown with organic farming.

I also bought 宜蘭三星青蔥奶油醬(onion margarine).

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