Friday, October 5, 2012

Souvenirs from 誠品書店 ( Eslite Bookstore )

I got some books from 誠品書店(Eslite Bookstore).
The bookstore is a kind of my Disneyland.
These magazines are so cute♪

The lovely books.

Tokyo guide book.

Which spots are recommended for Taiwanese tourists is interesting to me.

It means "Best love for Tokyo Depatika".
"Depachika" is a common name of the food section on the basement floor of the department store in Japan.
There are always many delicious and fabulous foods from Japan and all over the world.

The articles are detailed.

This book is translated from the Japanese book.
The author is one of my favorite.

Her books has always girlish taste.

"Tokyo sweets deep exploration".

I wanna see the cute bear cake!

"Ladies love Shanghai".

The restaurants and stores which are inserted are a little different from Japanese guidebooks.
So interesting.

Taipei gourmet guide.

The simple one is the original booklet of 誠品書店(Eslite Bookstore).

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