Friday, October 26, 2012

Hobonichi Planner

It was sent by such cherished lapping.

Hobonichi × ARTS&SCIENCE.
The shop, ARTS&SCIENCE(base: Tokyo)which were started in 2003.
The creative director Sonya Park offered the fashion made various with the life style, and has proposed genuine "luxury" by her original method.


The impressive red!
The attractive red leather has brightness and luxurious in composure.

The notebook is also excellent!
The black cover in cloth boards.
There are "手帳(=TECHO)" written with the Japanese characters and the key illustration which is a logo mark of ARTS&SCIENCE on the surface.
It is a simple sophisticated design.

The gold letter of a back cover is also lovely.

The introduction.
Well, actually, Hobonichi Planner is the English version of HOBONICHI TECHO.
It's very good for non-Japanese HOBONICHI fans!

The page design is deliberately simple, to allow ultimate freedom and stimulate the creativity of its users.

There are some fun pages with the beautiful illustrations in the back.

I was very happy when I found my favorite Hong Kong drink "鴛鴦茶(Yuanyang)".

World Heritage Sightes in Japan.

"A Few Japanese Words to Remember" will make you happy when you travel in Japan.

It is a three fold type which can be closed with one button.
It can store a pen inside.

The embossed logos of Hobonichi and ARTS&SCIENCE on the inside of a cover.

I really love the stylish Hobonichi Planner.
How should I use the techos properly?
It's my "happy" worry till the next year.

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