Friday, September 21, 2012

Textile market @ 迪化街 Dihua Street

迪化街(Dihua Street) is the oldest and storied wholesale district in Taipei.
Our hotel was near the district.
I was very looking forward to going to the huge textile market in there.

Actually, there were so many shops on the both side of the street.
So exciting!
This is 永楽布業批撥商場.
Whole buildings is textile shops.

Go up!

Let's see the 2nd floor at first!

There were so many 客家花布(Hakka Flower Textiles) which I wanted to get.
So happy~♪


There were also some parts shops.

Since it's too attractive market, it's too difficult to choose your favorite stuffs.

To the 3rd floor!

There are many tailors on the floor.
You can enjoy the custom-made.

She was so cute♪

Wanna try?

Tel : 02-25568483, 25566044
add : 台北市迪化街一段21號
Hours : 10:00 - 18:00 (depends on the shop), closed on Sunday

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