Monday, August 6, 2012


The place was beside such a peaceful place.

Walk the street which has many small shops on the both sides.

You can find the gate after a while.
東郊市場 is the huge wholesale market in the east in Beijing.
You can get everything, for example, perishable foods, clothing, daily necessaries, office goods, pet goods, professional kitchen tools, hotel goods, even many kinds of uniforms, etc.
Anyway, you can obtain everything at a low price.
Actually, the market is a friend of people.
Many local people enjoy shopping there everyday.

Each articles are gathered in the same areas.
東郊厨具批発 is the kitchen article wholesale.

This is the tea article wholesale.

This is the clothing area.

This is coffee article area.
There were many coffee imports which had been come from western countries.

Antway, the place was very very HUGE!
The market continued far beyond...
Actually, it was such a astonishment experience for me, though I couldn't buy anything because the markets were almost closed.

I'll come back here with enough time next time.

It was almost sunset.

There was still a battery-assisted bicycle taxi.

Add : 朝陽区西大望路甲23号
Hours : early morning - sunset

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