Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The third day : Breakfast at 檀島咖啡餅店(Honolulu Coffee Shop) @ Central

We were very hungry because we skipped the dinner last night.
Actually, we had thought we should go to a lovely restaurant for a dinner.
However, we couldn't.
We should have lied down just a little.
However, we have slept soundly because the hot day had made us be very tired.
When awaking, it was already a morning.
That's why we were very very hungry.
Then, we went to 檀島咖啡餅店(Honolulu Coffee Shop) @ Central for a breakfast.
This is also one of 茶餐廳(Cha chaan teng).
He ordered his favorite ice tea with lemon at first.

Do you know it?
It is peculiar drink in Hong Kong.
The taste?
It is very unique.
However, I don't dislike.

菠蘿包(Pineapple bun) of this cafe is famous.
By way of parenthesis, the pineapple doesn't enter.
Because of the look of the surface, it is called "pineapple".

Sandwiches of ham and baked egg.

Such a feeling.

Bold way to make tea!

This is our favorite 公司三文治(Club sandwich Hong Kong style).
Though a turkey or bacon is mainly used for a Club sandwich in general, SPAM is used instead of them in Hong Kong.
We usually order it in Hong Kong style cafe.

This is popular 蛋撻(egg tarte).
Yep, yummy♪

The interior is very casual.

You can buy some over the counter.

You can buy even goose's roast.

檀島咖啡餅店(Honolulu Coffee Shop)
Tel : 2526 8063
Add : G/F, 33 Stanley St,, Central

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