Monday, April 5, 2010

Dojima Roll @ Mon-chouchou

"Depachika (= The basement floor of the department store) sweets" are very popular in Japan.
Now, you can buy sweets in all over the world to say nothing of sweets in Japan.
Just go to department stores.
That's it!

Today's sweets is Dojima Roll from Mon-chouchou.

"Dojima Roll" is a roll cake which is sold by Mon-chouchou, the confectioner in Osaka.
There are always a long long line at the front of the main store in Osaka to get the roll cake.
Happily, we can buy it in Tokyo, too(Mitsukoshi Nihonbahi main store & Mitsukoshi Ginza store).

As you see, actually, it is a very simple cake made from fresh cream and sponge cake.
However, the simple is good.
Generally, people always say "The simple is the best", right?
As for the cake, it is also true.
Because it is simple and lucid delicious, you will never be tired.

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